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Spotify Integration In Games

As you might know Musiverse is a game that uses your own music to play to.

We have gotten a ton of requests to integrate Spotify into Musiverse so Spotify users could use their music. I can totally understand this, I am a Spotify user myself with close to a 1000 downloaded songs stored on my phone. I would also be happy to use those when I play.

But there are many other great games that use music, they also could greatly benefit from this. The entire game market could.

We have tried to work with Spotify countless times, we have exchanged many e-mails but they were not open to this level of cooperation, this is understandable in my opinion. However this might change! There is a chance that this will happen. A suggestion has been posted nearly 3 years ago on Spotify forum, that could help achieve this.

You can check it out and vote here:


If you want to give this option a chance, please head to the link and vote.

#musiverse #spotify

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