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Ludum Dare 40

Members of Pocket Games took part in Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam. The theme of this event was “The more you have, the worse it is”.

The team consisted of Kristóf, Huba, Norbi as programmers and Dóri, Bálint as graphical artists.

The inspiration of the design came from the game, Binding of Isaac. It is a top down 2D view game with many rooms in a dungeon style.

The team had 48 hours to design and complete the game from scratch. The idea was to create a dungeon where you fight different enemies and face a boss at the end, in order to get out of the labyrinth. There are traps in some of the rooms that can kill you instantly.

You have a health bar, and a high-o meter. Eating cupcakes gets you high. The higher you get, the more powers you have but, there are drawbacks.

Negative effects of drugs:

  • Deteriorating graphics

  • Deteriorating music

  • Inverse control

  • Waving effect

  • Overlapping sound effects

  • Fake doors appear

  • Limited range of vision

The team nearly managed to complete the game, check it out for yourself at :

#PocketGames #gamedev

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