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Castaways on Tour

The cartoon series Castaways has appeared in many conventions and expos this year with great success.

Cartoon Forum is the largest animation expo in Europe, Castaways was the only Hungarian project presented. We got a chance to attend there as the result of a previous event in Trebon(Visegrad Animation Forum), Czech Republic. Where Castaways was awarded with the main prize in the International TV series category.

In September Castaways appeared in Touluse, France at the Cartoon Forum TV pitching event. The presentation can be considered as a success as representatives from Netflix, Zdf, Rai and France TV. Currently we are working on finding people who can help us in sales and co-producing. The greatest strength of the project is trans media. Castaways is perfectly suited for books, live events and even a potential feature film. Just like it is suited for VR media and games. You can read about CastawaysVR here.

Overall the project has great potential and the awards that it has won so far, gives the team a positive feedback.

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