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Musiverse Update 1.4!

Musiverse 1.4 is finally here for you to enjoy, so what can you expect from this update?

The most exciting features are two new spaceships to choose from, we got our inspiration from the wonderful land of China. The two new ships are Dragon and Panda. The dragon symbolising potent and auspicious powers and the might of this great nation. The Panda is meant to show the softer, loving side of China.

We decided that we'd increase the amount of gems your money will get you. Here are the changes:

  • Ad Free+ 20 gems

  • Reward gems

  • Pile of gems (50)

  • Heap of gems (130)

  • Mass of gems (500)

We are excited about how the community will enjoy these changes!

You have an idea for the game?

Don't hesitate reach us on facebook or on the contact form of!

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