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Budapest Xplore

So you are spending your rare vacation leave in a foreign country, but you are not really a fan of guided tours and huge groups. The question stands, how do I get around and make sure I see what there is to see. Paper maps are the thing of the past, and no one fancies paying a fortune for roaming fees for applications to work outside your hotel's wifi range.

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You want to do something fun, but have no idea what is happening tonight? Browse through events and find what fits you, you can even search for what ever you desire with Budapest Xplore. Events include concerts, dinner & cruise with live music on Danube or even Pub crawls and many more.

I asked Dóri(UX designer) and Szebasztián(developer):

What challenges did you face during this project?


"I got to see good and not so good sides of how an application is developed when the main focus is UX. Often it is not easy to accept that the user is always right even if I disagree on some terms, this is how we got to the conclusion, usability is more important than looks. Countless on-field and in-office testing shaped this application to what it is today, easy and fun to use. "


"Developing this application wasn't a piece of cake, as it is a cross platform app. We had to optimise the everything for different sizes of device screens, this proved to be a lengthy process. Using and configuring plugins such as the map and the QR code reader, took a while as well. This hardly coped well with our short in-house deadline, but we managed to pull it off. A fun memory is when we had to write the entire interface for the map ,that..that was so much fun."

Why is Budapest Xplore superior to other touristic applications?


"Budapest Xplore was build from scratch around Budapest in mind as the name suggests. We used the guidelines given to us by tourists whom we approached and asked about their difficulties during their stay. You can find events, tickets for them and even pick-up and drop-off services at the same place. The check out procedure is fast and easy as well, everyone hates confusing and long processes. The feedback system can help people see what others think of an event and help them decide what to choose. Just like the built in map can help anyone to see which event or place is close by for a quick visit.


"There is no such touristic application which includes a map where you can look for nearby pubs, changes, events and even toilets. Also you can make your purchases and receive your electronic ticket with which you can enter at the programs. You can even share the events and places you've enjoyed to others who may also like it.

I really do hope many people will find this application useful and make their stay a better experience."

Download here: Coming Soon

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