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Startup Safary at Pocket Games

Startup Safary is an event where people get the chance to take a glance at the everyday life of a startup company. Dozens of offices open their doors for the audience to see how they operate. Pocket Games decided to participate too. We were expecting around 20 people. It came as a shock when 48 people turned up, we adapted to the situation quickly and split the visitors into two groups.

The first one would listen to the presentation while the others could ask questions and enjoy our finished games.

There were discussions about company management, HR, development and even cultural topics. The event went smoothly and everyone had a good time.

What our guests had to say about the event:

"We came from Debrecen and traveled 230 kms to take part in this safary. We visited many companies but this one was the best, and the most personal experience."

"Your company basically has all the positive properties of an american startup but not the negatives."

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