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Presentation at Schönherz

Pocket Games held its first VR meetup at Schönherz for dozens of young enthusiasts working in the industry. They were first familiarised with the most popular Virtual Reality platforms. The Pocket Games team explained why they chose Samsung Gear VR as their platform for development, as it is the most popular mobile VR platform at the moment.

The developers discussed the challenges and solitons of developing Castaways VR and The Duel VR . The main issue is optimization. Avoiding overheating and maintaining an acceptable battery life while being able to push 60 frames per second twice on a mobile device is no easy task.

Publishing via Oculus Store has strict rules, firstly you must fit all the parameters and specifications they set to even start the procedure, this is of course to guarantee that only top quality applications make it in.

Once you're over that stage the performance testing stage begins, here they test your application if it can run at at least 60 fps constantly on a range of phones with different performance.

The application also goes through content testing, the aesthetics and sounds are checked with everything else to see if it fits the description and the price is justified.

After all those stages the game gets categorised based on Oculus's judging , the developers have no say in what category the game gets in, and finally it is released.

The meetup was a big success, many interesting questions followed the presentation seeking to find out more about developing a virtual reality game.

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