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Castaways Vr Review

We are often approached by game reviewers seeking to review and writing an honest article about our games. Castaways VR does not differ in this regard, the folks from The Inner Circle Games Network have taken a look at our game and these are some of the parts they had to say about it.

" - Sometimes, less is more. It’s perfectly fine to try and have the player immersed among a virtual shoot-out with high stakes, but if you have too much crammed into a minimal control scheme, developers are bound to end up breaking the immersion. In contrast, having a game focused almost purely on observation could arguably work even better for VR. Castaways, an interesting little game released last month, benefits from playing around with this concept."

The limited control option on the Gear VR is not a minor issue. The touchpad takes quiet a while getting used to and even afterwards accidental inputs may occur. The older version of the Gear VR had a cross pattern touchpad with a central point. Today the new Gear VR only has this one larger touchpad with the middle being labeled with a little bump to know where you are touching it. This often confuses people new to the headset as they are not sure about what kind of inputs are working and in what directions.

" - Overall, I enjoyed my time with Castaways. The first “episode” of it, anyway. Still not a fan of suddenly revealing that be the case, and there’s not a lot of replayability, but what there is featured in Castaways is quite a bit to be reckoned with. The graphics alone make this a very appealing VR pick, and the gameplay itself is as up-to-par as any decent point ‘n click game."

And finally the rating we got from them:

Thank you for this review we'll surly take the critiques into count when future episodes are made!

Read the whole article here.

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