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Musiverse half a Million downloads!

Musiverse has reached half a million downloads. That is almost the population of Luxembourg, just imagine a whole country's worth of people running around with Musiverse. This is a huge success for the game and the studio. Some interesting facts in no particular order:

  1. The top 10 most played songs are all bundled Music mostly by Sanxia.

  2. As of today nearly 6000 videos were uploaded by our community to Everyplay.

  3. 10 851 ratings showed that Musiverse deserves 4,5 stars.

  4. Over 4000 ratings were given with written feedback.

  5. Blade is the most used ship in-game , despite having nearly 20 ships available.

  6. Rap God -by Eminem is the longest song from the top played 100 list.

  7. 48 people still run the first available version of the game on their phones(seriously its time to update).

  8. Musiverse Facebook page has reached 156372 users.

  9. The game received 622 one star ratings, but it also got 8 159 five stars.

  10. We've got an awesome community that shows it's love towards us, and we are very thankful for that! ❤

Let meg give you a little peak of the creation process of the most used ship, the Blade.

#gamedev #musiverse

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