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PlayIT Budapest 2016

We had our main event being the Budapest PlayIT show. We actually had a main rehearsal recently being a smaller PlayIT show in Pécs you can read about that here.

We are lucky we had that rehearsal I can tell you that for sure, we already fixed all the bits that went bad last time. We now had knew what to expect and how to properly demo our games for the players. The decision was made that we'd be only showcasing Virtual Reality games. Just shy of a month before the event Peter one of our programmer decided to create a 1 versus 1 VR fps multiplayer game. He worked tirelessly night and day to create this unique experience. But what is great programming without visuals and sound? Sanxia worked on the sounds and Anna our graphical artist worked on the project just as hard so there could be a working demo by the time of the show. You can read more about The Duel VR here.

The other game that we presented was Castaways VR. This wasn't the first time that the public could take a peak at the game. We improved, and finished the episode since the last showcase. The feedback of the players was very positive and it was hard for the to get out of the game.

We built our stand the night before the event to make sure that everything is right. We made sure that the demo videos are all right, the TVs and our network is good to go. It was a surprisingly fast process this time.

The next morning we met a little bit after sunrise, we gathered all the devices and gear vr's that we would need during the day. When we arrived we made sure everything is set up and is good to go.

This time the crowd was way bigger but also very patient and waited for their turn to have a go with the games. We saw how people reacted to trying the games and we were very glad with their feedback. The event was a huge success many, including parents and other developers asked questions about Pocket Games. Parents were glad that there is a company that makes educational virtual reality game as they want the best for their children.

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