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Bringing Life To Göd's Special Needs Home

The TOP house in Göd takes care of over 220 mentally and physically disabled children and adults. For us it is important to help the ones in need, so we decided we'd go and make their environment better by painting and cleaning their rooms.

The idea of communal charity work quickly became a reality when we arrived on a Friday morning with everything we needed starting from paint all the way to a projector. We were shocked by the situation of the institution, it is really not something you see everyday. First I felt sorry for the people living there but after a couple of hours it was clear that they are happy there.

They watched us clean and paint the rooms and there was nothing else in their eyes but joy. It is not an everyday occasion that someone from outside visits them.

We started by plastering the imperfections on the wall and by cleaning the lamps. Then we painted a white surface so that the graphics could be painted later on a clean surface. After it dried with the help of the projector the painting of the graphic started and as we proceeded more and more people turned up to see what we were doing.

The art turned out really nice and people loved it.

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