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PlayIT Pécs

Have you heard of PlayIT show? No? Oh in that case let me explain quickly... "PlayIT Show is the successor of Budapest Game Show, the first real Hungarian gamer expo. It provides quality fun for people of all ages and genders, who are interested in the world of IT, mobiles and videogames two times a year (in spring and autumn/winter)."~source

This was our very first PlayIT. We decided that this would be the rehearsal with its 7000 visitors to the main event in Budapest later in November, where we are looking at 35000-40000 visitors. Just three weeks before the event we decided we want in.

The biggest hits of all gaming events these days are VR games with no doubt. Luckily we have a CastawaysVR under development and we are at a stage where we can show off the first two levels.

Bounce Coding

However we didn't want to leave our beloved Musiverse and SmartEgg behind. We sat a goal to make a special competition version of Musiverse so the visitors could compete against each other at the event for special gifts and prizes including exclusive pocket games T-shirts signed by the team and unique in-game ship.

To make the demoing of CastawaysVR doable Samsung provided us with some devices and GearVr's.

Our journey began on Thursday with last minute demo version building and testing, some of us stayed until midnight, but it was necessary so next morning we could set off towards Pécs. Well the next morning we started packing up the office, carefully boxed the phones laptops and other sensitive devices including our press walls. The team was provided with an non-emergency ambulance van by our CEO from one of his other company. We packed up and set off towards Pécs to a 2 hour drive, Bence showed off his mad dj-skills on the road while Anna made sure we and the equipment get there in one piece. Once we got the expo center we started planning and assembling our exhibition booth, and made sure that we are 100% set for the next day.

The team rested in a nearby accommodation but not before some last minute work reaching beyond midnight.

Next morning was the day we've all been waiting for, the mixture of excitement, anxiety and caffeine filled the air while we headed towards the expo center. After a quick briefing everyone got to their battle stations and waited for gates to open. The wait wasn't long as people rushed towards the expo area.

Soon people surrounded our booth with great interest around our games, especially of CastawaysVR. After that there was no stopping until 6 pm, the crew was tired but proud. We managed to pull of a full day of nonstop demo session without a single game crash or any other technical difficulties.

The event was a huge success, we acquired precious experience and met some great people. PocketGames can't wait until the main event in November! We hope to see you there!

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