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Pocket Game Jam

Pocket Games just held it's first Game Jam, which is basically a race against time to make games. Check out the video!

On the first day, before the time started the whole crew sat down and brainstormed ideas of which we could make games in two days. After debating for some time we voted for the best one, that is how we got beard as the theme of the competition. Once we had the theme, we made two teams and started working out the game concepts.

Eventually we came up with the ones below.

Beardclimber is a casual fun mobile(Android & iOS) game. You play as a lice who wants to climb up on a guy's beard, while climbing you'll have to dodge obstacles and collect useful items.

No matter how good or bad you do, you'll end up dead. However the special sound effects made by the team, cheers up the atmosphere. Be aware this game is not for folks with weak stomach.

The Beard Bender is an endless runner, designed with lots of zombies and even more blood. It runs on Windows,Mac and Linux. The 8 bit art style ensures the retro game feeling. You play as a manly lumber jack who is attacked by living dead armed with scissors and razors, wanting to cut your beloved beard down.

Your only choice is to go forward and fight them while collecting potions that will grow your beard stronger. The zombie hordes just get bigger and bigger as your kills start adding up on the kill counter. If you get a big enough beard you're able to preform special attack resulting even bigger bloodshed, cool right? The music and sound effects were recorded entirely by the team members.

Overall both games were finished just in time and the teams had some fun playing their brand new games. I even managed to get The Beard Bender working with the steam controller as well as other controllers.

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