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VR game based on the original motion picture. 

Kolos and Grandpa set out to the endless ocean to circumnavigate the Earth on their ship called Bella Donna. A violent storm suddenly descends on them as they sail across the Pacific and the ship is destroyed. With enormous luck, Grandpa and his grandson touch land on a deserted island. This is where the story of Castaways starts.

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Enter the virtual reality and become the best duelist!
The Duel is a multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) for the Samsung GearVR. You can play against the AI, or even better, challange someone else! You fight for your life in the 80's inspired neon sci-fi world. Jump around the cliffs by swipeing and shoot down your opponent. Charge your shot by holding on the touchpad on your GearVR.

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Play to your own music!

Would you listen to your favorite song while you are playing? Now you can do it and compete with your friends and the whole world to see who's got the best score in Musiverse.

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Have you already tried Smart Egg? Can you solve them? Try them out digitally!
Join the Speedsolving craze, a new sport is rising here! Go tower by tower, smart and fast! Challenge time and friends! Compete and win real-life prizes weekly!

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Sharing pictures, moments of our life on social media has became an everyday routine these days. Why not take this experience to shopping?

That is what we've exactly done! Pocket Games created a system that enables you to share your clothing and looks. It is easy to use with its huge touchscreen and two high resolution cameras.

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ODP Székesfehérvár

 (ODP: Országos Diákparlament - National Student Parlaiment) is made for the organization's triennial meeting on 3-5. February 2017. For the first time a mobile application helps the students. It helps getting to Székesfehérvár, the place of the meeting, see whats next in the programme, and learn about the section leaders. To build connections and community amongst them, the participants can chat with each other and discover the historic city center. There are bluetooth signal emitting beacons at different points which students need to find based on clues; when they are close enough to one, information can be read about that point and the next clue guides them to the next destination.

Budapest Xplore

So you are spending your rare vacation leave in a foreign country, but you are not  really a fan of guided tours and huge groups. The question stands, how do I get around and make sure I see what there is to see. Paper maps are the thing of the past, and no one fancies paying a fortune for roaming fees for applications to work outside your hotel's wifi range. 

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