September 27, 2016

Sharing pictures, moments of our life on social media has became an everyday routine these days. Why not take this experience to shopping?

That is what we've exactly done! Pocket Games created a system that enables you to share your clothing and looks. It is easy to use with its huge touchscreen and two high resolution cameras.

 Some last minute configuring

Now you can share your unique style and clothing with people as fast as a glance with Sneaker Cam!

Check it out here!

September 19, 2016

Have you heard of PlayIT show? No? Oh in that case let me explain quickly...

"PlayIT Show is the successor of Budapest Game Show, the first real Hungarian gamer expo. It provides quality fun for people of all ages and genders, who are interested in the world of IT, mobiles and videogames two times a year (in spring and autumn/winter)."~source

This was our very first PlayIT. We decided that this would be the rehearsal with its 7000 visitors to the main event in Budapest later in November, where we are looking at 35000-40000 visitors. Just three weeks before the event we decided we want in. 

The biggest hits of all gaming events these days are VR games with no doubt. Luckily we have a CastawaysVR under development and we are at a stage where we can show off the first two levels.

However we didn't want to leave our beloved Musiverse and SmartEgg behind. We sat a goal to make a special competition version of Musiverse so the visitors could compete against each other at the event fo...

August 1, 2016

Castaways is the first Virtual Reality game project for Pocket Games. This game surly posts many challenges for us. However it also provides an excellent opportunity for the team, to show their skills when it comes to industry leading application development. 

A development blog has also been launched where you can follow the progress of the game. Here you can find pictures and small articles about the difficulties encountered by the team. 
Link to the blog:


July 19, 2016

Pocket Games just held it's first Game Jam, which is basically a race against time to make games. Check out the video!

On the first day, before the time started the whole crew sat down and brainstormed ideas of which we could make games in two days. After debating for some time we voted for the best one, that is how we got beard as the theme of the competition. Once we had the theme, we made two teams and started working out the game concepts.

Eventually we came up with the ones below.

Beardclimber is a casual fun mobile(Android & iOS) game. You play as a lice who wants to climb up on a guy's beard, while climbing you'll have to dodge obstacles and collect useful items.

No matter how good or bad you do, you'll end up dead. However the special sound effects made by the team, cheers up the atmosphere. Be aware this game is not for folks with weak stomach.

The Beard Bender is an endless runner, designed with lots of zombies and even more blood. It runs on Windows,Mac and Li...

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