December 18, 2018

In this post you can take a sneak peak to the everyday life of pocketgames!

July 3, 2018

As you might know Musiverse is a game that uses your own music to play to.

We have gotten a ton of requests to integrate Spotify into Musiverse so Spotify users could use their music. I can totally understand this, I am a Spotify user myself with close to a 1000 downloaded songs stored on my phone. I would also be happy to use those when I play.

But there are many other great games that use music, they also could greatly benefit from this. The entire game market could. 

We have tried to work with Spotify countless times, we have exchanged many e-mails but they were not open to this level of cooperation, this is understandable in my opinion. However this might change! There is a chance that this will happen. A suggestion has been posted nearly 3 years ago on Spotify forum, that could help achieve this.

You can check it out and vote here:


If you want to give this option a chance, please head to the link and vote. 

February 8, 2018

„Jammers have put down their keyboards, pens and paper. They have stopped eating pizza. Even the organizers have had a chance to get some sleep. This means that Global Game Jam® 2018 has come to an end, and what a weekend it was!”

States the official site of Global Game Jam.

During the 3 days of the jam 42,800 people participated, spread across 108 countries. Pocket Games members naturally were also involved. We ended up being late completing the game. So eventually we did not upload it to the official site. However we did make a game, even though a bit late, but it is still a game. It’s called Hey Taxi.

Basically your job is to manage and run a taxi company. You need to set the routes for the taxis to the customers, manage your ratings and purchase new taxis as the cash flows in. The time is very important here, as the customers are no the patient kind. The quicker you get someone to their desired destination, the better rating you get. Once you lose all your star...

December 21, 2017

Members of Pocket Games took part in Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam. The theme of this event was “The more you have, the worse it is”.

The team consisted of Kristóf, Huba, Norbi as programmers and Dóri, Bálint as graphical artists.

The inspiration of the design came from the game, Binding of Isaac. It is a top down 2D view game with many rooms in a dungeon style.

The team had 48 hours to design and complete the game from scratch. The idea was to create a dungeon where you fight different enemies and face a boss at the end, in order to get out of the labyrinth. There are traps in some of the rooms that can kill you instantly.

You have a health bar, and a high-o meter. Eating cupcakes gets you high. The higher you get, the more powers you have but, there are drawbacks.

Negative effects of drugs:

  • Deteriorating graphics

  • Deteriorating music

  • Inverse control

  • Waving effect

  • Overlapping sound effects

  • Fake doors appear

  • Limited range of vision

The team nearly managed to com...

November 3, 2017

The cartoon series Castaways has appeared in many conventions and expos this year with great success.

Cartoon Forum is the largest animation expo in Europe, Castaways was the only Hungarian project presented. We got a chance to attend there as the result of a previous event in Trebon(Visegrad Animation Forum), Czech Republic. Where Castaways was awarded with the main prize in the International TV series category.

In September Castaways appeared in Touluse, France at the Cartoon Forum TV pitching event. The presentation can be considered as a success as representatives from Netflix, Zdf, Rai and France TV. Currently we are working on finding people who can help us in sales and co-producing. The greatest strength of the project is trans media. Castaways is perfectly suited for books, live events and even a potential feature film. Just like it is suited for VR media and games. You can read about CastawaysVR here.

Overall the project has great potential and the awards that it has won so far,...

October 3, 2017

Musiverse 1.4 is finally here for you to enjoy, so what can you expect from this update?

The most exciting features are two new spaceships to choose from, we got our inspiration from the wonderful land of China. The two new ships are Dragon and Panda. The dragon symbolising potent and auspicious powers and the might of this great nation. The Panda is meant to show the softer, loving side of China.

 We decided that we'd increase the amount of gems your money will get you. Here are the changes:

  • Ad Free+ 20 gems

  • Reward gems

  • Pile of gems (50)

  • Heap of gems (130)

  • Mass of gems (500)

We are excited about how the community will enjoy these changes!

You have an idea for the game?

Don't hesitate reach us on facebook or on the contact form of!

August 28, 2017

In the first part of we have discussed the tools and the game technical considerations that we at Pocket Games take into a count when developing Virtual Reality games. We presented this using two of our VR games Castaways VR and The Duel VR.

We'll continue where we left off at,



Serious requirements

“As I mentioned earlier we have to work hard to achieve the frame time that is needed for a good experience. For PC VR like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, a constant 90 frames per seconds is needed. This gives the developers about 11 milliseconds to completely create a frame. For mobile VR like Oculus Gear VR, which is the most popular mobile VR platform, you need a constant 60 frames per seconds. Which gives the developers around 16 milliseconds to draw a frame. Naturally because we are talking about VR all of these frames have to be drawn twice, once for each eye.

You might think that because 16ms is a much longer time compared to 11ms we have and easy job at mobile VR...

July 4, 2017

Pocket Games members will share their stories and experiences in VR game development. Find out what you need to make VR games.

Castaways VR

The game is based on an animation series called Castaways. The first episode of the series was created in a pilot program, the funds for twelve more episodes were recently won at a government competition. The work on those has already started. Castaways VR is set to be an educational adventure game and it's audience are mainly children. The gameplay time is estimated to be around 35 minutes for the first episode. We are planning to make more episodes based on the animation series. The series gives the game a very unique and likeable look. Our most important aim is to make natural sciences an interesting and entertaining experience to counterpoint the somewhat dry school education. At the same time, we would like the series to offer entertainment to older age-groups of students as well as adults. The visual and audio environment, the characters and th...

June 1, 2017

So you are spending your rare vacation leave in a foreign country, but you are not  really a fan of guided tours and huge groups. The question stands, how do I get around and make sure I see what there is to see. Paper maps are the thing of the past, and no one fancies paying a fortune for roaming fees for applications to work outside your hotel's wifi range. 

You want to do something fun, but have no idea what is happening tonight? Browse through events and find what fits you, you can even search for what ever you desire with Budapest Xplore. Events include concerts, dinner & cruise with live music on Danube or even Pub crawls and many more.

I asked Dóri(UX designer) and  Szebasztián(developer):

What challenges did you face during this project?


"I got to see good and not so good sides of how an application is developed when the main focus is UX. Often it is not easy to accept that the user is always right even if I disagree on some terms, this is how we got to the conclusion, us...

May 18, 2017

This is a huge milestone for the game. But lets see how the downloads came together, shall we?

- Google Play 412 578

- Apple App Store 142 000

- TapTap installas 565 028

1 119 606 installs to this moment, crazy!

Keep in mind there are even more installs to Musiverse from several APK sites but it is hard to monitor installs from those.

We have managed to get these numbers while maintaining the following ratings:

4.48/5 - Google Play Store

4/5 - Apple App Store

 9/10 - TapTap

We hope to see those numbers rise higher and higher in the future! Thank you everyone for enjoying our game.

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