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Our studio head and co-founder who brings comfort into our lives in the midst of suffocating deadlines. Easily gets carried away with "new and awesome ideas" which require weeks of coding at least. As a caring and protective family head, he considers us his family in addition to his own which he loves to spend time with. He also knows how to 6-pool in Starcraft. Neat, huh?


God save the developers who dare to miss the deadlines as Peter's coming at them with full fury to hold the project together. His job consists of organising us into a productive unit and keeping his head together in the meantime. "The struggle is real." Out of work he's usually found in his garden next to a great book.


Responsible of client-side coding, he carries us on his shoulders when things go sour. Don't try to diss him or you will get absolutely destroyed by his witty comments. Spends his time on LoL and incredibly pointless clicker games. He also loves a good pizza. Or a bad one. Quality doesn't really matter as long as it's edible.


The go to guy if any major coding problem is encountered. He just needs some music in his ears, and he cannot be stopped until he finds the solution. Underestimating is his biggest flaw, he tends to end up spending 2-3x more time on tasks than he estimated. When he's not working, he spends his free time coding his own projects, or plays RPG games. 


One of the most experienced leader when it comes to projects or horrible jokes. He is obsessed with his bicycle, which is his way to daily commute. When he isn't coding in c++, he loves to make some music and also play RPG games. Be aware! This guy prefers not to touch anything other than linux, maybe thats why he has been single for all these years...


As our lead tester, his job is make sure that our projects are devoid of bugs before we publish. To relax he works as the CCO of the company, responsible for communications PR, marketing etc.. He often writes to our blog and to sites such as gamasutra. When he is out of office, he is focused on finishing up his university studies, and also creates depression memes. Developers hate him for his efficiency when it comes to bug findings.


An avid VR & AR enthusiast who codes with deadly precisions. His jokes are deadly as well, deadly terrible. Face tracking and recognition, virtual reality games? He's got the knowledge to them all! Out of office hours he likes to play RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons. CO-owner and producer of Pocket Memes page, polishing the ever high moral in-office. 5


This guy is a hard working back-end coder fellow who likes to start the day at dawn. When he is not sweating above the keyboard, he reads fantasy books about dragons, or climbs rocks. However he does not joke around, mess with him, and he'll unleash the flame war!


He is a jack of all trades. Working backend or front end, game developing or video editing, maybe some image editing? He's got your back! To relax he likes to get lost in books, or play the drums. He can often be seen violently headbanging hard while coding. Only with care of course, he wouldn't want to spill his tea. 


Norbi loves to create and play games, as long as they're not activity or dixit. He designs, codes, or even draws not only for mobile, but also board games. When playing basketball he sometimes misses the hoops, but while coding precision is on his side.


A frontend developer who makes sure his neighbours enjoy the music he creates in his free time. When he gets stressed by the code, he turns his rage on his drum kit. One must wonder what can make him more annoyed, debugging or constantly dying in dark souls?


The moustache of Pocket Games. He tries to compensate his baldness by growing facial hair, with minor success. He is the hipster of the office, wearing rather ugly socks. The CO-owner and producer of Pocket Memes page. He likes to spend his free time in the virtual world, as he has no friends in real life. Sometimes he is capable of coding a "Hello World!".


Niki is a born tester. She tests software at work and laws at her university. As a law undergraduate she is highly precise and can spot anything that is less than perfect. During boring hours she loves to binge watch shows while eating. To make up for all that, she enjoys Ball room dancing and taking long walks with her dog, Jessy.


As the youngest member of the team, every day he works on finding bugs and getting on the nerves of the developers! When he is out of office he’s a diehard gamer who is also keen to learn about coding and a huge fan of foreign languages.


She adores abstract music and humour. There is only one thing she adores even more, eating. Timi has a solid hard on UX, and even lets it take over her entire life. For fun she likes handcrafting things from concrete, no joke.


The UI/UX designer who’s passion is minimalism, he makes sure, nothing is overcomplicated. Before the sun rises he is out rock climbing somewhere or making some gainz with kettlebell. After work he likes to enjoy the company of a good book.  Design and climbing are the loves of his life.


As a tester his head is filled with all types of information, and don't be fooled, he will tell you all about it.
To relax he likes to study, whether its quantum physics or cozmology it does not matter, what matters is to learn something new.
He loves to take on huge challenges just as much as he likes to climb, run and bike on huge mountains. In a recent competition he was voted #1 best looking tester.


Martin is a tester and he is our private astronomer.

His thinking is little different, because he learns astronomy at the university, but it is good. If he finds a mistake, he goes to the developer with a big grin and he says happily that the code is wrong again. He knows some program language example C, C# and one day he will become a developer while being an astronomer. If he has a free time, he will research the sky with his telescope.


Jani is one of the youngest member of our company.His daily music consumption is at least 5 hours, the menu consists of Metal and Rock. When he had enough of just listening to it in the office, he will head to a concert to be in the middle of a mosh pit.To relax in a less phisical way he competes in tournements playing World of Tanks. 



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